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Hull & Company, LLC Jacksonville

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Teammate Directory

  • Bresch McCarthy
    Profit Center Leader
    Phone : 904-503-9444
    Fax : 866-449-8201
  • Kelsey Eshleman
    Operations Leader & Team Resources Liaison
    Phone : (904) 497-1122
  • Jacksonville Office
  • Tracy Bellino
    Renewal Underwriter for Jennifer Koch
    Phone : 904.503.9458
  • Kelsey Carreiro
    Renewal Underwriter for Bresch McCarthy
    Phone : 904.539.7583
  • Avery King
    Broker/Underwriter – P&C and PL
    Phone : 904.503.9446
  • Francesca Landry
    Technical Assistant
    Phone : (904)503-9456
  • Tiffany Short
    Small Business Leader & Renewal Underwriter for Bresch McCarthy
    Phone : 904-503-9449
    Fax : 866-839-1072
  • Gaye VonCannon
    Broker/Underwriter - P&C
    Phone : 919-226-1061
  • Stacey Pierce
    Renewal Underwriter for Avery King
    Phone : 904-503-9450
  • Jennifer Koch
    Broker/Underwriter - P&C
    Phone : 904-503-9457
  • Liz Miller
    Asst. Acct. Exec. For Avery King
    Phone : 904.503.9448
  • Melissa Pendergraft
    Functional Specialist & Asst. Acct. Exec. For Bresch McCarthy
    Phone : 904-503-9447
    Fax : 866-859-8328
  • Beth Panter
    Renewal Underwriter for Gaye VonCannon
    Phone : 770-858-0169
  • Kristina Linares
    Renewal Underwriter for Bresch McCarthy
    Phone : 904.799.2735
  • Lynn Martin
    Asst. Acct. Exec. For Bresch McCarthy
    Phone : 770-643-2704
  • Veronica Ferguson
    Asst. Acct. Exec. For Avery King
    Phone : 904.799.2731
  • Sabrina Magno
    Associate Broker for Jen Koch
    Phone : (904) 799-2705
  • Nancy Conner
    Asst. Acct. Exec. for Gaye VonCannon
    Phone : (904) 479-1794
  • Holly Warren
    Asst. Acct. Exec. for Jen Koch
    Phone : 904.539-7584
  • Lauren Canning
    Acct. Exec. For Avery King
    Phone : (904) 497-1043
  • Tucker Bagnardi
    Phone : (904)-539-7587
  • Administration
  • Myra Bolena
    Loss Control
    Phone : 904-503-9451
    Fax : 866-365-6074
  • Debra Rittenberry
    Loss Control
    Phone : 904-503-9455
  •   We take the servicing of your client's loss or claim seriously and make every attempt to expedite the carrier's handling and their adjusting process.   Our claims department will assist in the reporting of notices of loss to the insurance company. However, please note that our office does not make claim decisions that effect settlement or coverage. We simply pass along relevant information to the insurance company for their review, adjustment and final settlement.   Claim reports should always be initiated with the Acord Notice of Loss or similar document. Property & Liability Acord Notice of Claim form is provided below  
    ACORD 1

    Property Loss Notice is used for reporting Personal or Commercial Lines losses from Fire, Theft, Lightning, Wind, Hail, Flood, Vandalism, Water Sewer Back, etc. occurring under Homeowner, Dwelling Fire, Mobile Home, Flood, Commercial Property or Inland Marine policies.

    ACORD 3

    General Liability Notice of Occurrence / Claim is used for reporting either Personal or Commercial lines liability claims except for automobile related claims.

      Please include all relevant loss documentation, contact information, suit papers, etc. Advise us if you have already reported this claim direct to the carrier and are simply advising us to note our file.   We ask that all first reports be directed to the above email. We also can accept claims via fax. If faxed please provide a cover page indicating that this is a first report. We make every attempt to report the claim to the proper parties within the business hours of the day received. Late day reports may go out the next business day.   Our office will advise you of carrier acknowledgment, claim # assigned & adjuster contact information as soon as received.